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I always wondered what it was like when a photograph went viral. With my son home from school today we had a lazy morning in our PJs. I checked my emailed as he watched Clone Wars only to find my email inbox flooded with emails from Today and Inside Edition and all other sorts of media from around the world!

Well that was fun! Now I know what it feels like and the rest of the world is seeing Travis and Kim’s awesome reaction to Baby Theo being a boy!

Here are some more of the birth images for you to enjoy!


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If any couple has ever deserved to have the perfect sunset on their wedding day it’s Navi & Aaron. Navi & Aaron seem to spread kindness and happiness everywhere they go! And saying they are thoughtful is an understatement. When Greg and I checked into the hotel there was champagne waiting for us at the front desk. Among all the craziness that goes into planning a wedding, Navi and Aaron had remembered that Greg and I had just had our 8th wedding anniversary! They remembered US! And that’s just our little story. I imagine if you went down the line of all the people that know this incredible couple that there would be story after story of this kind of thoughtfulness.  So when Mother Nature blessed them with a stunning day and a sunset that makes your heart leap, I couldn’t have been happier!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0495paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0342Paradise Point Resort, what an incredible place to gather your family and friends and have a celebration! Endless beauty and so much to do, from the beach to several pools and different restaurants. paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0341paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0343Navi’s dress was all about the bling and was stunning! Navi had seen wayyyy too many brides spend time at their wedding on the sidelines of the dance floor as their dress came unbustled…. again and again.  Not this dancing queen, she had the dressmaker cut that train off! Navi was going to spend her wedding dancing, not getting bustled! paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0344Perfect bouquet for the wedding!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0494paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0346Hair, make up and your best girlfriends!!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0347Add the bride’s adorable parents!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0345Across the resort, Aaron was hanging with the guys getting ready too. Not sure if guys have as much fun doing this as the ladies!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0348Navi had a gift delivered to her groom!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0349Matching baseball jerseys for these baseball fans!  The blue one said “married” and white one said, “since 16”. Such a fun idea!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0350Girls do just wanna have fun!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0352Navi’s Mom had the honors of getting Navi all zipped up!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0353paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0354paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0356OK maybe the guys had some fun too! Love the custom cuff links!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0357paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0358paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0500

Aaron, also delivered a gift and flowers to his bride. Navi recognized their jeweler’s seal and was beyond excited to get a new beautiful pair of earrings from Aaron.

paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0359This group of 5 lovely ladies is really 6 lovely ladies.  Taara could not make the wedding so they included her into a picture using the handy iPhone!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0360

It was TIME for Navi and Aaron to have their First Look!  I love First Looks, they are so exciting and fun and this little bridge was the perfect place to have one!

paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0361Aaron waits excitedly as Navi approaches him from the back.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0362And with a tap on the shoulder….(It’s those smiles that get me everytime!)paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0363Such joy!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0364paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0366paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0367paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0368paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0369Navi and Aaron are proud parents to a fur baby named Zeus. Zeus was not able to attend the wedding but we took a nice portrait with him! (Cameo from rubber ducky in the background)paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0370If I had to caption this image it would be Navi saying “We’re getting MARRIEEEEEEEED!!!!”san-jose-engagement-photos-susannah-gill_0339And that statement made Aaron jump for joy! paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0374paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0377Gathered with immediate family members, it was time for the Ketubah signing.  The parents were asked to read a blessing for Navi and Aaron.
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0379paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0381paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0382Excitement filled the room as the Ketubah was signed!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0383paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0384Navi asked Beylah, her dear friend from childhood to be her witness.
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0385And Aaron asked his friend Rob, his good friend who used to give him dating advice! Obviously it was great advice and now no longer needed!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0386The officiant, Jeremy, then held the Ketubah over the arms of Navi and Aaron. When he dropped the Ketubah into their arms and they caught it therefore accepting the responsibilities that come with it, it signified that they were married according to Jewish law.
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0387paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0496paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0493Outside the sun was starting to dip down, the breeze was gentle coming off the water and everything was just perfect!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0373paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0371Such an elegant chuppah! The bamboo posts and birch tree bases were so creative!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0372paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0389paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0391The officiant was the first to walk down the isle with the Ketubah in hand.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0392Followed by the groom.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0393Then the groom’s parents.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0394Next the bride’s parents.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0395And then the moment everyone was waiting for, the beautiful bride!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0396That’s one happy groom!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0397Stunning!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0398Navi and Aaron circled each other 7 times, signifying centering their lives around each and forming the walls of the foundation of their family. Navi & Aaron circled one other three times, and circled together one additional time to show their commitment to living as equal partners in marriage.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0399paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0400Look at that setting! What a treat for everyone to watch the ceremony!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0401paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0402SURPRISE! Yes that is Aaron proposing to Navi but not for the first time…Kind of… The first time he proposed they were on an airplane to Hawaii for vacation. He told me that Navi started hugging and kissing him right away and he never got a chance to actually ask if she would marry him. Well he wasn’t going to let that be the case so before the ceremony went any further he proposed to Navi!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0403Everyone was thrilled!!!!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0404paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0405paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0406paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0407paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0408

paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0410Navi’s cousin from Israel, Assaf, read the Ketubah in Hebrew and English.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0411paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0412paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0413Such a great moment, when the couple looks out on their family and friends and takes ALL the love in!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0414paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0415With a smash of the glass and the kiss of the bride, their marriage is sealed!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0416paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0417Navi and Aaron added some fun to the end of their walk up the aisle!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0418The Mr & Mrs!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0420Just at the perfect time, we arrived at the beach for Navi and Aaron to enjoy some time together and enjoy sunset!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0424paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0425paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0426paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0427It was now time to celebrate!! The room was sparkly perfection!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0428paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0429paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0431paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0432paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0433paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0434Fun CHEERS stirrers for a fun couple! paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0435Nothing kicks off a wedding celebration better than the Hora!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0436paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0437paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0438paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0439paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0440Up they go!!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0441paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0442paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0443paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0444paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0446paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0447Whoot! Whoot! A Hora for the record books!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0448paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0449paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0450Toasts! One of my favorite parts of a wedding day! The first to kick them off was Navi’s dear friend since childhood, Laura.paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0458

paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0453Next up was Aaron’s good friend Rob.

paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0455paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0499Aaron’s Mom and Dad then toasted the newlyweds. Aaron’s Mom said it perfectly when she said, “Let’s drink to the wink!”, referencing how Navi and Aaron met on!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0459paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0497Navi’s Mom and Dad then thanked everyone for coming from near and very far (Israel!)and then toasted Navi & Aaron!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0462paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0463paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0465Navi and Aaron took to the dance floor for their first dance and were ready to do it in style after taking dance classes together!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0466paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0467paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0468Ending with style!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0469Navi and Aaron were joined on the dance floor!!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0473Even the littlest one was out for spin with her Daddy!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0474paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0475paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0470paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0476How perfect is that cake topper for Navi and Aaron… and Zeus!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0477Scrumptious and pretty!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0478paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0479Cheers!
paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0480paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0481With the cake cut and all the formalities done, it was time to rip up the dance floor!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0482paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0483paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0484paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0485paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0486These coffee lovers know how to send their guests off with a smile!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0487paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0488paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0489paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0490paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0491Both sets of parents joined Navi and Aaron on the dance floor for the last dance!paradise-point-resort-susannah-gill_0492

Navi and Aaron it was a HUGE pleasure to road trip down to San Diego for your fantastic wedding! Wishing you a lifetime of being Better Together, gourmet coffee, health, happiness and love!


Venue: Paradise Point

Wedding Coordinator: First Comes Love

Officiant: Our friend Jeremy Gimbel

Dress: Demetrios

Florist: Tess Fresh Flowers

Cupcakes: Flour Power

Video: Ryan Green Films

Musician: Nick Weiss

CHEERS stir sticks: Jenn And Jules Designs

Kiddush Goblet: Michael Aram Black Orchid Collection

Navi’s engagement ring and wedding band: Charles Koll

Aaron’s wedding ring: Koa Wood Rings

Dance instructors Jhona and TJ from:  Arthur Murray Studios

Photography by yours truly! Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling





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Crystal Bay Farm

I realized the other day that I have been using my iPhone WAYYYYY too much to document Jax’s childhood. The sweetness of his age is making me all sorts of emotional and I just want to remember this time! Can’t he be 5 for a few years? Well yesterday I got the real camera out when we went to Crystal Bay Farm and Im so glad I did! I took so many pictures and most are terrible AND of Jax’s back as he was running away for me. But when he came across the farm’s horse he slowed down and cautiously let the horse smell him and then lick him. Im so happy I had my real camera for this moment! Do you find that you are using your iPhone as a camera too much as well?



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testarossa-winery-weddingXenia and Alex’s love story is like out of a novel. Xenia moved from Russia to America when she was young and met Alex on the East coast.  They were in high school and became friends and did a lot of back porch hanging out.  Like most people after high school they lost touch.  Alex had moved to the West coast and thanks to Facebook, Alex learned that Xenia had also moved to California.  All those years and all those miles lead them to this incredible moment, their wedding day. Surrounded by family and great friends and the gorgeous Testarossa Winery eating scrumptious food and drinking delicious wine, it was the perfect celebration of Xenia and Alex! testarossa-winery-winetestarossa-winery-wedding-3-of-108Xenia got ready with help from her Mom, Alex’s Mom and of course, her best ladies! Xenia’s Mom had her work cut out for her with all those delicate little buttons!
testarossa-winery-wedding-5-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-6-of-108It takes a village!testarossa-winery-wedding-2-of-108Meanwhile the guys were also getting ready, though I’m not sure Alex needed 5 helpers to get dressed like Xenia did! testarossa-winery-wedding-4-of-108Two of Alex’s groomsmen helped Alex learn the intricacies of a “first touch” that he would soon be having with Xenia!
wedding-grooms-giftToo much goofing around meant the groomsmen got kicked out and Alex was able to open his gift from Xenia. They were cufflinks that say “meet me on the back porch at 6:30”
testarossa-winery-wedding-8-of-108With Alex in position and emotions high, Xenia arrives for her “first touch” then “first look” with Alex.

testarossa-winery-wedding-9-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-10-of-108Love this!  So much anticipation!testarossa-winery-wedding-11-of-108The moment they had both been waiting for!
testarossa-winery-wedding-12-of-108With the sun shining and the clock ticking, we ventured outside for some more pictures. Always fun to walk through the outside cafe and enjoy the reaction from the crowd!testarossa-winery-wedding-13-of-108Testarossa is a stunning winery with an old school charm. This little doorway covered in ivy is one of my favorite little nooks!testarossa-winery-wedding-14-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-photographytestarossa-winery-wedding-16-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-17-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-26-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-18-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-19-of-108We left the winery and headed up the road just a bit to where the light was glowing in that good old California way! testarossa-winery-wedding-picturestestarossa-winery-wedding-21-of-108With these two and their constant smiles it really made our job so easy!testarossa-winery-wedding-22-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-23-of-108Back at the ceremony site everything was set up and ready for the wedding! And yes… those are wine glasses, wait till you see how they are used!

testarossa-winery-wedding-29-of-108Alex and Xenia’s Mom walked down the aisle together.testarossa-winery-wedding-30-of-108Followed by Alex’s parents.testarossa-winery-wedding-31-of-108Next up were the officiants.testarossa-winery-wedding-32-of-108The awesome wedding party!testarossa-winery-wedding-33-of-108The adorable flower girls followed doing a wonderful job of spreading joy and rose petals!
testarossa-winery-wedding-34-of-108And this handsome guy was the bearer of great news!testarossa-winery-wedding-35-of-108Here comes the bride is right! I love the hill behind the ceremony site at Testarossa, it offers a unique position for my 2nd shooter.
testarossa-winery-wedding-36-of-108Xenia is escorted down the aisle by her Dad. testarossa-winery-wedding-37-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-38-of-108As the officiants began to speak, Alex and Xenia could not peel their eyes off each other!testarossa-winery-wedding-42-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-47-of-108Both families looked on with so much happiness!
testarossa-winery-wedding-46-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-39-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-43-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-44-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-40-of-108Xenia and Alex both wrote personal vows to each other.  There was not a dry eye in the house- including mine! The vows were funny and sweet and touching and adorable and and and I could go on and on! Seriously, great job Xenia and Alex at ramping up the emotions of everyone!!testarossa-winery-wedding-45-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-48-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-50-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-49-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-51-of-108And although I think everyone could have listened to their sweet devotions to one another a little longer, it was time!

testarossa-winery-wedding-53-of-108Kiss that bride!!
testarossa-winery-wedding-54-of-108And that wine?  They poured it for one another and toasted to their new life as a married couple!!!!testarossa-winery-wedding-55-of-108Cheers!testarossa-winery-wedding-56-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-57-of-108Celebrating with their wedding party!testarossa-winery-wedding-58-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-59-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-60-of-108After some family pictures we had a few more minutes to take some pictures at the ceremony site. That is the smile of one happy married woman!testarossa-winery-wedding-61-of-108
testarossa-winery-wedding-62-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-63-of-108These two!!
testarossa-winery-wedding-64-of-108The sun was setting and it was time to move into the gorgeous winery. I loved the unique the escort cards display and of course, the map showing the journey of their love story!testarossa-winery-wedding-27-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-28-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-65-of-108Xenia and Alex kicked off the evening’s festivities with a show stopping first dance! Photographs do not do their dance justice!  Great thing they will have an amazing wedding film created by the talented Ric and Rose of Grover Films. testarossa-winery-wedding-66-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-67-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-68-of-108And it ended with a dramatic dip!testarossa-winery-wedding-69-of-108And then a kiss!testarossa-winery-wedding-24-of-108It was time now to sit and enjoy a meal together! testarossa-winery-wedding-25-of-108

testarossa-winery-wedding-74-of-108Xenia’s Dad started off the toasts and gave the newlyweds some beautiful wine glasses that lean towards each other.
testarossa-winery-wedding-73-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-78-of-108Then Alex’s Mom shared some funny stories of when Alex and Xenia were in high school at the beginning of their back porch sitting days!

testarossa-winery-wedding-79-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-83-of-108Xenia and her Dad started off the parent dances!testarossa-winery-wedding-84-of-108Not your average father/daughter dance, they also did a choreographed dance that delighted the crowd!testarossa-winery-wedding-82-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-87-of-108Alex then took his Mom out onto the dance floor- they might not have had all those fancy dips and turns but it was sweetness overload for sure!testarossa-winery-wedding-86-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-85-of-108
testarossa-winery-wedding-88-of-108The dance floor was now open and the party started! testarossa-winery-wedding-89-of-108This crowd had no problem getting right in there!testarossa-winery-wedding-90-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-91-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-92-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-93-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-94-of-108Even the littlest one was on the dance floor!testarossa-winery-wedding-95-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-96-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-97-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-98-of-108And while everyone else was shaking their thing, can you guess who was still beaming at each other?
Jens Cakes HELLLOOOO delicious desserts that were definitely too pretty to eat! Look at these little works of dessert art!testarossa-winery-wedding-100-of-108testarossa-winery-wedding-101-of-108They were nice! I mean wouldn’t you with that gorgeous dress?!  Well played, Alex!testarossa-winery-wedding-102-of-108The newlyweds then so sweetly thanked everyone for helping make their wedding day come together so perfectly!testarossa-wedding-picturesI stole away the fancy dancing duo to get a picture of the dip in the stunning wine cave!wedding ringstestarossa-winery-wedding-105-of-108-wedding-selfieOne day the grandchildren will ask, “what was everyone doing?” I love capturing moments of pop culture on a wedding day! One day it will be history! testarossa-winery-wedding-107-of-108Last-danceAnd during the last song Xenia and Alex gave one more dip as an exclamation mark on the evening!

Congratulations Xenia and Alex-keep on dancing, laughing, smiling and of course, back porch hanging!

A big thank you to all vendors involved:

Venue: Testarossa Winery

Florist: Bloomers Flowers

Entertainment: Sound in Motion

Video: Grover Films

Hair and make up: Courtney Saechao

Dress: Stella York

Cake: Jen’s Cakes

Dessert: Francicakes  and Chacatoo

Photography: Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling

And a HUGE thank you to Andrea from Testrossa for making the whole day run so smoothly!




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