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Carly & Kevin’s Presido Engagement Photowalk!

When I met up with Carly & Kevin in the Presidio in San Francisco I knew we were going for a photo walk.  What happened instead was much more like a photo adventure! From the woods to the beach we laughed hysterically, got a few bug bites, scaled a log pile and I was even assisted down from a rocky ledge from a man not wearing any pants. And NO it was not Kevin.  And YES we were at the notorious Bakers Beach!  After all the fun we climbed up a huge set of stairs (I’m talking like West Coast Rocky style) to get back to the main road. When we looked back we saw the most glorious sunset. What an incredible way to end the adventure!

These two lovies are getting married next week at the historic Carmel Mission and then celebrating at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, one of the most beautiful wedding venues I have ever seen. Looking forward to capturing some wedding magic with Carly and Kevin and working with the great team of vendors including: wedding planner Allison from Engaged and Inspired,  Frame 44 Weddings on video, Paradise Catering providing the scrumptious food, Layers Sensational Cakes creating the cake, Jean Eckard Flowers & Design on the blooms and Belmont Entertainment providing the music!

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1662Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1663Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1665Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1676Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1667Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1666Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1668Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1670Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1669
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1671Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1672

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Piedmont Community Hall Wedding~ Hidemi & Michael!

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1516If the first wedding of the season is a sign of what’s to come- we are in for an amazing wedding season!

Hidemi & Michael are amazing. I can’t think of a better word to describe them.  They are so full of life! They love fashion, they love to travel, they love music & great food- they even love going on motorcycle adventures!  They are living life to the fullest and with hearts full of love for each other, their families and friends!

Hidemi & Michael celebrated this great love of theirs at the incredible Piedmont Community Hall in Oakland!

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1517Hidemi’s Vera Wang dress was a piece of art and looked stunning on her! She paired it with some sparkly Enzo Angiolini shoes and walked around in them all day better than I can walk in flip flops!

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1518Hidemi smiled throughout getting ready- if she had any jitters you would have never known.  She laughed and enjoyed every second of preparing to see Michael for the first look.  Hidemi’s hair and make up were skillfully done by Murata Toshi of Image StudiosPiedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1519

“The fabric pinned into my dress was a special gift from my Maid of Honor, Priti, for my “something blue”.  It is a section of our school uniform from boarding school where we met. Alumni often put their uniform in a shadow box or sometimes pull it out for reunions, so it was SHOCKING that she was willing to cut it up as a symbol of our friendship for almost 13 years.”-Hidemi

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1520

“The veil was a DIY project. I modified a veil I found at a boutique by adding a blusher and gems that matched the original veil. I then added a tortoise shell vintage art deco haircomb from the 1930s that my mother and I found together out here in California to add a true splash of my own personal style.”-Hidemi

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1521Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1641

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1523 The guys got dressed at the hotel before they headed over to the hall so their getting ready was a little less complicated. Michael helped out one of his groomsmen with a specific knot, thanks to the help of an iphone and Google!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1524Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1525Michael and his Best Man prep the rings.

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1526 Michael’s view as he approached Hidemi for the first look, breathtaking!!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1527 Such sweet anticipation!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1528Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1529Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1530Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1531Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1532Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1533 These two were just beaming at each other! At a certain point I had to interrupt them because they were needing time to head off for portraits and to meet the bridal party! So much admiration!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1534Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1535Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1536Hidemi is a woman that knows how to walk in heels! Even though her shoes were high and the terrain was not level,  she was able to move easily throughout these stunning paths!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1537Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1538Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1539
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1541 We met up with Hidemi & Michael’s bridal party, who were all so much fun, so sweet and as you can see even the men were very cooperative!!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1542Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1543Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1544Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1545Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1547Look at this bouquet!!!!!  Hidemi asked to have Peruvian lilies in the bridal bouquet. They were special to Hidemi because they are her Grandmother’s favorite as they reminded her Grandmother of her mother who died in WWII when she was a young girl.Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1546

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1652

The scene was perfectly set in a serene little Redwood grove.
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1550Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1549Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1551Michael enters  followed by his groomsmen. Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1552This little sweetie pie was an incredible flower girl!  She also perfectly looked up for the camera!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1553I love this image captured by Greg of Hidemi and her Mom waiting with anticipation til it was their turn to walk down the aisle!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1554Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1555Even though Michael and Hidemi had been taking pictures just 20 minutes prior- nothing can take away from the emotion of seeing the woman you love walking down the aisle to marry you!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1556Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1557Those looks!!!!  Love the way a couple looks at each other in those first few ceremony moments!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1650Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1560It was now time for Michael and Hidemi to say their vows that they wrote themselves. Michael, you had 6 woman hanging on your EVERY word in this image and I’m sure every woman in the audience! Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1561Michael’s Mom!
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1563Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1564Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1565Hidemi’s Grandmother and Mother. Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1569So adorable seeing Hidemi look back at her Mother!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1566Exchanging of the rings. Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1567Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1568
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1571And kiss that beautiful bride!!!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1572Married!!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1573Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1574Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1575Cocktail hour was back up at the tea house.  What a lovely place for some delicious appetizers, drinks and enjoying some music! Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1576Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1577Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1578
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1580Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1581

“The kimono I wore at the cocktail hour is SUPER special to me and truly the thing that Michael and I really wanted to ensure could happen here in the United States. We chose to showcase the Japanese tradition of wearing the bright colored furisode because it was handed down to me from my mother. She wore it on her wedding day as well. In our culture we wear this kimono when we come of age at 20 and are only allowed to wear it when we are single and unmarried. The wedding day is the last day I will wear that beautiful kimono as tradition allows – in Japan you generally change outfits several times in a wedding. From this point forward I can only wear a kimono with short sleeves rather than the sleeves that hang down the full length of my skirt (My mother and grandmother wore those types of kimonos at the wedding, black and then later the colorful type. Both adorn our family crest). The kimono I wore is a designer piece and features a belt that has gold & platinum foil thread patterns and the kimono is 100% hand-woven silk.”- Hidemi

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1582Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1583Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1522

“The cranes were folded by me and Michael, my mother, my grandmother, and my bridesmaid Brittany (she learned just to help me!). In Japan folding 1000 paper cranes is for good luck and each crane is supposed to be folded with an individual wish for the bride and groom’s future. The tradition has morphed over the years, but for us it was a way to share Japanese customs and symbols with our American friends and family. It ended up being more than that as it became quite a group project and pulled largely together by the teamwork of my family behind the scenes. I really wanted to hold on to my culture despite marrying in the American traditions.”-Hidemi

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1647Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1585Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1586Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1579
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1589Down below the tables were elegantly set with lovely floral center pieces!  The gold colored chairs were the perfect accent to the scene!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1590Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1588Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1587Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1596The pretty and yummy cake was created by Delicieuse Princesse Bakery.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1642It was no surprise to me that Hidemi & Michael would also have very unique wedding bands. Their style is amazing- even down to their rings! Rings created by the talented Grace Lee out of LA.

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1593 Such a beautiful venue for a wedding!
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1594Hidemi & Michael, announced into their reception…Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1591…to the sounds of bells ringing out that were on every table! Of course even the little ones had something special for them at their table- a wedding coloring book!  How sweet!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1595Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1597It didn’t take long for the sun to dip down behind the trees. The mood was perfectly set by the lighting created by Love In the Mix.  Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1598After a wonderful dinner, everyone sat back and enjoyed listening to stories of Hidemi & Michael from their family friend as well as the Maid of Honor and Best Man. Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1599Michael’s sisters!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1600Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1605Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1601
Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1602Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1603Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1606Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1607Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1608Cheers! There wasn’t a dry eye in sight!

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1643Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1609Cake cutting and frosting smooshing… Michael’s lucky Hidemi played it nice!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1613A band with great sound and style, The Cosmo Alleycats!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1616
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1648Surrounded by their family and friends Hidemi and Michael had their first dance as husband and wife!Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1612Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1614Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1618Look how much fun the Moms were having!!!!

Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1619Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1617Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1620Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1621Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1625Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1622Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1623Piedmont Community Hall-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1624With a nod to sweetness and San Francisco… one little guy was sure NOT to leave without his wedding favor!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1651Hidemi and Michael- we wish you so much love and happiness for your future together!  Thank you for kicking off our wedding season with great style and fun!!

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Teen Kitchen Project in Santa Cruz

Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1000 A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to spend a couple of hours in a busy kitchen here in Santa Cruz. This is where the Teen Kitchen Project creates their delicious and nutritious meals with love!   When I arrived no one even saw that I had arrived as everyone was busy and happily working. What I noticed was teenagers scrubbing and prepping food, adults assisting, looking at lists and recipes- all to the sounds of Adam Levine playing on the radio.

I first heard of the Teen Kitchen Project last year when I attended a local charity fundraiser, the Santa Cruz chapter of 100 Women That Care.  The basis of this charity is that every 3 months, 100 women get together and pick a charity to donate $100 each to.  The result, one lucky charity goes back to their organization with $10,000.00!  It was the Teen Kitchen Project that won the money that night!

I was so enchanted by this organization that I offered to see if they would like some photography to document their hard work. So glad the answer was yes!

Here are some reasons why (taken from the Teen Kitchen Project website). For fifteen years Angela Farley has been guiding young people at a local Santa Cruz school, inspiring a love of learning in a classroom chock full of energy, laughter, and exploration. In 2011 her world changed forever when her youngest son Charlie was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer. Like any mother would, she supported her son through surgeries and chemotherapy with love, patience, and hope. After treatment ended (her son has a good prognosis), she vowed to help others still on their cancer journey by finding a way to give them nourishing, delicious food, and to lessen the isolation they may feel when in treatment by connecting them with their community.

Angela made her dream a reality by forming connections between two groups within the community:  families facing a serious illness and young people. Here in Santa Cruz, high school students need to do 40 hours of community service to graduate. Besides the importance of giving back, community service also helps you gain perspective on your own reality by understanding others. In addition to that, these teens are also learning about healthy food choices and how to cook.

Meals are prepared in a certified commercial kitchen and are designed by experienced chefs. Ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

Enjoy a look into this busy kitchen filled with so much goodness! As of today they have served 29,792 meals!!!!

Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1001Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1002Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1003
Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1005Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1006
Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1007Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1497Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1008Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1009
Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1010
Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1011Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1012Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1013
Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1015Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1016Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1017

Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1014Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1004

Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1018

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1491Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1020The teens write cards to send with each of the meals while their food is cooking.
Teen Kitchen Project-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1022


What impresses me most about Angela is that many people might have the idea to create a charity such as this but it’s very few that have the execution to make it a reality!

If your family or a family you know is in need of this wonderful service please click here.

If you would like to donate your money or time (cooking, helping, washing, driving meals, data entry, etc) to Teen Kitchen Project please click here. 

Angela, thank you for being such an outstanding example of giving back and community leadership! 

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New Year’s Eve Wedding~Emily & Pierce!

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1306 Greg and I always imagined how cool it would be to photograph a New Year’s Eve wedding. It had been on our photo bucket list for many years.  After meeting Emily and Pierce for their engagement photo walk,  we couldn’t have been more excited about crossing one off the photo bucket list with this inspiring couple!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1309 Surrounded by all her ladies and her one “guy” bridesmaid, I referred to him as a bridedude, Emily had a great time getting ready!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1310Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1311
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1313Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1314Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1315Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1312Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1316 Look at those cheeks on Pierce’s little nephew!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1322
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1317 Guys getting ready is a whole different story, and mostly involves sitting around doing nothing while drinking beers.  Which is a good thing, it would be worrisome if guys did more than this!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1318Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1319Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1320
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1323Kim Guiley and her team did an incredible job of making all the ladies look so elegant for the evening!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1324Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1325 Emily’s dress was so incredible, it was like a work of art and it fit her perfectly!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1326Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1327 Love this look on mom’s face, such a mixture of happiness and pride.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1328 Back at the hotel with what I’m sure was just a few minutes left, the guys started to get dressed.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1329Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1330 Bowtie? Polkadot suspenders? Converse hi-tops? This ringbearer surely was about to steal the show!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1331Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1332 One last look and off to the church!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1333Emily added a black sash to her dress for a bit of New Year’s fun- great idea!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1334St. Thomas Aquinas  Catholic Church in Palo Alto is such a stunning little church!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1335Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1336Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1337 The junior bridesmaids were busy handing out programs and having guests sign the guestbook.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1338 Pierce was escorted down the aisle by his Mom and Dad.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1339Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1432Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1433Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1431Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1343 One of my favorite moments of a wedding day is the moment right before the bride walks in. I love looking over my shoulder to see the groom waiting in great anticipation to see his bride.
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1344 Emily was escorted down the aisle by her Mom and Dad.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1345 Whenever there is a balcony at a church  we are always so excited! I love this photograph Greg was able to capture of Emily walking down the aisle. It really showcases the joy on the guests faces but also really  shows off  the back of Emily’s stunning dress!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1346Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1347 Such an amazing moment, I love not only the look on Dad’s face but of course the look on Pierce’s face as Emilys is presented to him.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1348Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1349 The reverend’s sermon was fantastic, full of energy and words of love and wisdom for Emily and Pierce.

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1352 The vows were exchanged.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1351Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1353 Followed by the rings.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1354Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1355Then the couple was sung to so beautifully by their friend Amanda Nelson!

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1357Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1356 The priest gave one last blessing over the couple… the anticipation was building!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1358 You may now kiss your bride!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1359 Married!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1360 Another awesome perspective from the balcony!  I love the sheer happiness on Emily & Pierce’s faces as they walk back up the aisle smiling at all their friends and family!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1361The new hardware!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1362Emily and Pierce are such charismatic and friendly people so it was no surprise to me when they told me that they were having a very large wedding party!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1363 Quickly, while waiting for Uber to come pick us up and take us to the reception, we did a silhouette picture of Emily and Pierce in the arches of their church! Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1364 Outside of MacArthur Park, the newlyweds took a few minutes to celebrate and pop a bottle of champagne!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1365Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1366
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1367Cake Studio did an incredible job of creating this masterpiece of a cake. Not only did it fit the theme of the reception so well, it was so beautiful to look at. It was one of those cakes that was a shame to cut!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1368 The tables were set perfectly for this elegant affair.  I loved the white flowers by Laurie Chestnutt Florals,  all the different Waterford vases and the floating candles. Each guest also received a “cracker” which had a little surprise inside… More on that later!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1369 When the guests arrived they each had a champagne glass with their name and table number.
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1370 Satra of Events by Satra, the wedding planner, did an amazing job of organizing and designing the events before the wedding and also kept everyone on track the day of the wedding!  We love working with her!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1371 Emily’s little brother MC’d the wedding, and couldn’t have done a better job. He was amazing!!!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1372 When the newlyweds were announced, they danced the whole way to the dance floor!!!  Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1373Where they were greeted by their bridal party!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1374Champagne still in hand!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1376Guests then opened their crackers and got a clue as to what came next… RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1377Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1378Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1379Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1380 Emily’s Mom and Dad were the first to get up and welcome everyone for coming and celebrating Emily and Pierce! They also told some really sweet and funny stories! It was clear that they are thrilled to welcome Pierce into their family!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1381
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1383Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1384 Next up was one of Emily’s best friends who shared with us the moment of when she knew Pierce was “the one” for Emily!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1388Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1382Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1386The best man’s speech was a great mixture of both humor and warmth as he recounted some of the events that led to the marriage Emily and Pierce.  He was also let off the hook from giving Pierce a good roast as enough of that had been done the night before at the rehearsal dinner!

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1385
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1390Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1391Next were Pierce’s identical twin little sisters. Their family has had an exciting year as one sister just had a baby and the other one is pregnant!  And now Pierce getting married!! They told endearing stories of how Pierce used to protect them and always love them so much!!  They shared how they are quite protective of Pierce but couldn’t be happier to welcome Emily into their family!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1387
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1392 Emily’s brother took a moment away from being the MC to give a toast and tell some hysterical stories about them as little kids!!   He even had props!   He did take a moment away from the laughter to speak honestly from the heart about how much he hopes to find the same kind of happiness that Emily & Pierce have found with each other. It was a beautiful moment and a great way to wrap up the toasts!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1393 Cheers!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1394Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1395Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1396 The Moms up on the balcony checking out the view of everyone having such an incredible time!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1397 Emily and Pierce’s first dance!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1399Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1400Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1398The colored lights put on by the band sometimes make editing a photograph difficult, but for this picture I think it really works!  I think this handsome couple would look good in any color!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1401 It was then time to cut the cake and it was no surprise that Emily and Pierce decided to get a little bit messy! Love it!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1402Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1403Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1404 Emily then danced with her dad…Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1405Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1406 …followed by Pierce and his Mom.  The parent dances get me every time, I  always get teary-eyed behind the camera!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1407Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1408 The band The 415s was amazing and I loved seeing a lady on the trombone!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1409Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1410Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1411Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1412 To add a little bit more fun to this already dynamic wedding, one of Emily’s best friend’s dad put on a magic show!

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1414Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1413Everyone loved it!!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1415Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1416 With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, the party supplies were passed out. Hats, headbands, sunglasses, horns and everything needed to celebrate New Year’s!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1417Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1418 Everyone started going crazy in anticipation of welcoming 2015!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1419 Even the kiddos did a great job of staying up late!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1420 Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four…Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1421 THREE, TWO, ONE…Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1422 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1423 And then balloons dropped from the ceiling!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1424
Such an awesome moment; laughter, kissing, celebrating, wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! It was a wedding moment we will never forget! I know their guests felt the same way!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1426 Through the crowd came a green bearded man… Pierce’s Dad!!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1428Another amazing moment of the night was when the junior bridesmaid joined the band  for the last song of the evening! She did such an incredible job, keep your eyes peeled for this young star to be on ‘American Idol’ one day!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling- New Years Eve Wedding_1425 What a SENSATIONAL wedding! Emily and Pierce, thank you so much for having us there to document this celebration! We had an incredible time and we can certainly cross one off our photo bucket list!!  Wishing you so much love and happiness for your future!!!

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Fall Wedding in New York~ Alison & George

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1211 On an incredibly beautiful fall day, Alison & George got married on Long Island.  When we first met Alison and George, we joked about how she worked at the Weather Channel. She certainly knew enough about weather to have a lot to worry about with a NY fall wedding.  Just years prior her family’s house was badly damaged by hurricane Sandy. Still, a fall wedding is what Alison and George dreamed of and they couldn’t have gotten more lucky with the weather. And with each other!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1212 I love the hustle and bustle of the girls getting ready, it’s always so much fun with so much energy in the air!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1213Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1214Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1215 Believe it or not this wasn’t even planned, the girls actually lined up and started doing each other’s dresses!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1216Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1217 Meanwhile over at a hotel, the boys were struggling with their ties. I love how George’s mom in the blue dress on the right is motioning with her hand what the boys should be doing with their ties!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1218Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1219Like a great big brother, George fixes his little brother’s tie!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1220 I love this picture so much of George’s mom fixing George’s hair! So sweet!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1221Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1231Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1222 Back at the house, I was lucky enough to catch a tender moment of Grandma looking up at her granddaughter’s wedding dress.  This image will go down as one of my all-time favorite getting ready pictures!  Thanks Grandma!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1223Alison’s dress had to be pulled over her head and everyone helped to make sure her hair and makeup didn’t get ruined on the way.  It was so much fun watching Alison emerge from the top of her dress!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1224Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1225Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1226 So much happiness on Mom’s face, I love the pictures that can be captured before a wedding ceremony.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1227Now that Alison was dressed, Dad was allowed in to see his little girl as a beautiful bride! It was very emotional.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1228 In the words of Alison, “At least I got my crying over with for the rest of the day!”Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1229Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1230
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1232Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1233

They headed out for the ceremony in a beautiful Rolls-Royce.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1234Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1235 George anticipated the arrival of Alison with his best man, his little brother, by his side.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1236 Alison was escorted down the aisle by her father.  Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1237Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1238Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1239Family members and friends took in the ceremony with laughter, smiles and tears. It was a beautiful ceremony where the priest read letters that Alison wrote to George and George wrote to Alison. Such an incredible way to share and celebrate their love for each other with everyone.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1240Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1241Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1242 The rings were exchanged….Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1243… and then the announcement was made! You may now kiss your bride!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1244 Married!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1245Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1246Alison and George exited the church which was surrounded by all their loved ones!!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1247Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1248 Everyone then traveled to the Carlyle On the Green.  HUGE thank you to Janet who was the best bridal attendant EVER!!!

There was this beautiful tree lined street in which we wanted to take pictures on to showcase the fall colors.  The only problem was all of the cars going in and out. We waited patiently, almost got hit a few times but it was worth it!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1249Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1250Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1251 I’ll give a little photo tip away on this one!  In order to make Alison and George look like they were surrounded by more of the yellow foliage,  I asked Greg to cut me down a branch with yellow leaves on it. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy! I then held the branch up to my lens and I photographed Alison and George through the yellow leaves. The result? A picture with lots more yellow fall foliage!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1253Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1252Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1254 One more with the bridal party!  Don’t worry the other side of the ledge wasn’t that far down!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1255 In this picture the sun was setting and it looked so beautiful… unfortunately it was setting over the parking lot. That was not so beautiful.   To everyone else it looked like I had taken a beautiful bride and handsome groom into a parking lot for wedding portraits! But I knew that if I crouched down as low as I could go and shot up and through the rose bushes I would be able to capture the pretty flowers and rose colored sunset.  And luckily it worked!  Thank you Alison and George for just going along with it!!!  Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1256 I just love Alison’s dress with the low back with the long veil.  Such an amazing combination for a very elegant look.  Of course George looked very handsome in his tux too!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1257 While everyone was at cocktail hour the ballroom was being set up for an incredible evening!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1258Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1259 I love this wedding favor idea from Sam’s Soy Candles on Etsy.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1268The flowers were done by Flowers by Burton.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1275Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1260 Such a creative way to let the guests know which table they are sitting at.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1261 For years Alison George dated long-distance.  I love this quote they displayed at their wedding, it couldn’t be more perfect.

Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1263 Alison and George got announced to their wedding reception and everyone went crazy!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1264Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1265Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1266 No time was wasted and the dance party started!!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1267
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1269 Alison’s father welcomed everyone who came from near and far to celebrate Alison and George.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1270Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1271 It was then Alison’s best friend’s turn to make the crowd laugh and tell funny stories about Alison when they were growing up!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1272Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1273 Next up to keep the laughter rolling was George’s little brother, the best man!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1274 He even had props, he placed gag gifts underneath the table Alison and George were sitting at!
Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1276Back to the dancing! Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1277Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1278 The maid of honor didn’t lie when she said during her toast that Alison loves to make up funny dances! And George, like a good husband, danced along with all of them!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1279Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1280The band, called Gotham sure knew how to have fun!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1281Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1282Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1283 To slow things down a bit and give their guests a break from all the dancing, Alison and George cut their cake. Then Alison shared a dance with her father and then George shared a dance with his mother.Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1284Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1285 I love this picture of George hugging his Dad after he danced with his Mom. Then George’s brother joined in on the hug!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1286This lucky young man seems to be praying to the gods to thank them for his good fortune to be dancing with such three beautiful women!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1287 Gotta love Alison and George’s fancy feet on the bottom left, George wore blue socks to honor his Grandfather!Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1288 The band was so incredible, they even came out and played with the crowd! Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling_1289We  stole Alison and George away from their party for a couple of minutes for one last picture!  Alison and George, thank you so much for the honor of documenting your amazing wedding day! We wish you lots of love and happiness for your future!

Be sure to check out Alison and George’s highlight video!   Meredith and Mike were so amazing to work with and we highly recommend Moho Creative for all of those in the tri-state area!

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