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Rebecca and Rushab’s Wedding at the Observation Post in the Presidio in San Francisco

After doing such a fun engagement session with Rebecca and Rushab, we were so excited that it was their wedding that was kicking off the 2014 wedding season!

These two share a love of adventure, fun and most importantly- each other! Their chemistry is amazing to be around and well, awesome to photograph!

They decided to get married at the Observation Post at the Presidio in San Francisco. They just fell in love with the view and knowing that their wedding guests were coming from all over, they really wanted to share this special part of SF with everyone! They certainly were rolling the dice though as often this time of year that view would be under a blanket of fog. As you will soon see, these two lucked out and had perfect weather for their wedding day!

Rebecca and Rushab were guests at a wedding I photographed last year in DC. (So amazing that they learned from the DC bride that I was now living in California! I’m so grateful when my past brides refer me!) Funny enough, now just 3 weeks after their wedding they have moved to NYC! Back in our old stomping grounds as Rebecca is attending Columbia University’s Teacher College- where I got my MA from. Rebecca you will love that school and I’m sure you two will love starting your marriage off in NYC!  Such an adventure, which stated above, we know you guys love!

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0135The girls got ready at Rebecca’s parent’s house. I always love the buzz in the air as the girls get ready!  So much fun! Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0136Hair and make up was done by the lovely Kim Guiley and her talented team! Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0137What a treat to photograph such a beautiful Amy Kushel wedding dress in such a colorful room, love the contrast it created!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0138Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0139Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0140Rebecca put on her dress with her main ladies- her Mom and her 2 sisters!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0141Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0142Gah, the look on Mom’s face! Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0143Rebecca doing a final check before she heads downstairs!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0144Love this moment before a Dad see’s his daughter as a bride!
Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0145Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0146So sweet!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0147Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0148The last touches and Rebecca is ready to head out!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0149Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0150Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0151While the ladies were doing their thing, the guys and a special lady were getting ready at the venue!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0152That’s right, Rushab had a best woman amongst his groomsmen- love that!!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0153The groom’s gift to his friends!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0154Since guys getting ready does not really take very long, they have much more time for socializing! (I’m sure the best woman arrived “ready”)Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0156Rebecca and Rushab decided to have a first look! Rebecca, Greg and I met a few weeks before the wedding to pick out the best spot for the first look.  We wanted something private but also pretty- we found the perfect place!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0157Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0158Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0159Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0160Look at that happiness!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0161Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0162Rebecca you look stunning! Rebecca is wearing her maternal grandmother’s veil.  Her mother wore it on her wedding day as well. Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0163Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0164Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0165Off to get married! Love those smiles!!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0166Back at the venue, the wedding party was ready to take some pictures!  The ring bearer had arrived and Rebecca, a teacher, has so much love for the little people!  They love her right back! I can imagine she is an incredible teacher!
Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0167Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0168Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0169Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0170Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0171The ladies!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0172The guys and one lovely lady!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0173Rebecca and Rushab’s flowers were really beautiful but interestingly enough were created under a very specific request.  Rebecca is very allergic to flowers and for her not to be sneezing all day the florist had to use a combination of succulents and flowers that do not have allergens. The end result masterfully created by  The Cutting Garden (Part of Flora Grubb) did an incredible job! Keep your eyes open for the table decorations too, very unique work!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0174Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0175As guests were being seated, Rebecca and her ladies hid away in the bridal suite!  Rebecca was enjoying every second of it!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0176It’s so special if you can incorporate family heirlooms into a wedding. These are Rebecca’s paternal great grandmother’s pearls and her grandmother also wore them! Isn’t that amazing!?

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0177Each bridesmaid was gifted one of these adorable clutches!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0178And then they had a visitor, one very excited groom…. Rushab stopped by to give Rebecca a huge hug and kiss- SO SWEET!!!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0179Rushab was escorted by his brother. Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0180The adorable ring bearer!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0181Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0182The beautiful bride escorted by her parents!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0183Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0184Look at that view! Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0185Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0186Rebecca’s dad had the great honor of marrying the two!  He told a story of when his 3 daughters were younger that he imagined he would open a convent for them all to live in one day… away from boys! And here he was marrying his daughter and he couldn’t have been happier or more proud!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0187Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0188Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0189Rebecca’s cousins read a childhood book called ” Your Personal Penguin” by Sandra Boynton that perfectly summed up Rebecca and Rushab’s love and devotion for each other!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0190There were so many beautiful things said at their ceremony that made it SO special.  One of them, when Rushab simply stated, “I’m so excited to get married because I know we are going to be awesome together.”  There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd- even mine, which always makes taking pictures a little bit harder!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0191Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0192Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0193Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0194The rings are exchanged….Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0195Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0196Kiss the bride!!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0197Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0198Married!!!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0199Happiness!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0200While the guests were at cocktail hour, for a brief moment I was able to capture the room with no one in it.  It was amazing how they had transformed the space to something  so perfect, unique and personal to Rebecca and Rushab for the reception!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0201I loved the SF street signs to designate the tables!


Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0265Such a cool idea to have wooden boxes filled with special allergy free flowers and succulents.

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0202Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0203Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0204Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0205Such a great idea! Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0206Cocktail hour!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0207I love this picture taken by Greg of the young man playing Rubik’s Cube while the adults are busy catching up. I used to spend hours trying to figure out my Rubik’s Cube, glad to see it’s still around!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0208Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0209Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0210Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0211Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0212Guests were invited to sit and the fun and socializing continued as everyone was treated to a delicious meal. Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0213Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0214Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0215Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0216Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0217Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0218Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0219Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0220When you are THIS adorable, well you get a close up! It’s hard for me to resists a little boy with a bow tie!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0221Time for toasts, one of my favorite parts of a wedding day!  How often in this life are we toasted by someone you truly know and love that is publicly wishing you the best for your life!  Savor those words!  Rebecca’s Mom started off the toasts!

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0266Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0267Followed by Rushab’s parents!
Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0224Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0225Rebecca’s sisters!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0226Rushab’s best man!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0227Rushab’s best woman made a bet with her boyfriend that she wouldn’t cry.  And then she did and I’m SO glad she did as they represent the love and happiness she has for him and Rebecca! Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0228Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0229Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0230Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0231Lastly a toast by Rebecca’s grandpa and a big hug for Rushab!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0232Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0233Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0234We quickly pulled Rebecca and Rushab out for some golden hour pictures when the light is so lovely and soft!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0235Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0236Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0237Inspired!
Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0238Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0239Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0240Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0242Cake cutting!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0243

Cake smashing…. Rushab played it nice!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0247

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0244First dance! Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0245Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0246Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0248Father daughter dance to an original Andy song!

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0250Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0251Beautiful moment between a grandfather and his granddaughter!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0252Rushab then danced with his mom!  They laughed the whole time as they both tried to lead the dance!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0253Now that all the formalities were over it was full on party time!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0254Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0255Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0256Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0257Love this image of these newlyweds!  Great job capturing their love Greg! Sadly cannot take credit for this image!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0258Although Rebecca and Rushab had a wedding that was not pointed at any religion in particular, everyone loves a Hora! Too bad Rushab’s chair bucked him in seconds!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0259

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0262

Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0260Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0261Added to the party was an incredible photobooth with amazing props for everyone to have fun with!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0263As if wedding cake AND cupcakes weren’t enough…. these two treated everyone to doughnuts as well!!! Yes, DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!!!Observation Post Wedding Photography- Susannah Gill_0264One last shot of the extremely happy newlyweds with the Golden Gate in the distance!  Congratulations Rebecca and Rushab!!

To see their photowalk adventure we went on in their Bernal Heights engagement shoot click here!


All the incredible vendors that made this wedding so spectacular!

Wedding Coordinator: Events by Satra

Caterer: Presidio Foods

DJ: Jason Mitchell

Florist: The Cutting Garden

Cake and Dessert: A Spoonful of Sugar

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Lighting: Got Light

Photo Booth: Tomfoolery SF

Hair and Make Up: Kim Guiley



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Aptos Newborn Family Photography- Baby Josiah!

Aptos Newborn Family Photography!  Aptos is a tiny little town south of  Santa Cruz where we now live!  Most people just say Santa Cruz but I thought I would give Aptos a little love for this post! Ready to meet an adorable Aptos family who just welcomed a second son?Santa Cruz Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0173Meet Baby Josiah, big brother Evan and the parents! What’s cuter than a family all cuddled up in a big bed? Not much- especially when there is a new little member to the family!

When I do a newborn/ family photo shoot I always like to start with the family pictures first!  In my opinion sometimes it is the hardest photograph to take but also one of the most important!  It’s nice to have it checked off the list and then move on to the other  images.

Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0174One thing I love doing is giving the older sibling some attention!  It’s hard for them sometimes to share the attention they have been used to having all to themselves!  Nothing like jumping on the bed to rev up the energy levels! Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0175What a great kid- so full of fun!!! His smile and laughter is so contagious!
Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0176Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0177While I was running around with Evan, I had a space heater warming up a small room to prepare for Baby Josiah’s portraits. To me a newborn shoot should be a combination of images of the family in their home but also a few posed studio-like images of the baby sleeping- you know the ones that make your heart melt when you look at them!  That newborn “look” does not last much longer than a few weeks so its important to get these images within the first 2 weeks. Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0180Mama nursed Josiah giving him a full belly and then a gentle massage on his head to lull him into dream land. The room was now at a balmy 85 degrees allowing the baby to be without clothes and not feel a chill. Babies this age cannot retain their body temperature so it’s important for the room to be warm enough. Aptos Newborn Photography- Susannah Gill_0178And viola, there he is sleeping like a little angel! I have some images of Jax when he was this age and they are still some of my favorites. I always try to reproduce something like that for other new mamas knowing how much I love my picture of Jax sleeping like this! Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0179Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0184Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0182Afterwards we brought Josiah back out into the living room for some pictures with Mom and Dad.  I love photographing the love on the faces of new parents as they admire their new child.  It’s such a beautiful time filled with so much joy and wonder. Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0183Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0187Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0185This was a bonus! Everyone on the couch for one more family picture!  Santa Cruz Newborn Photography- Susannah Gill_0181As their shoot was coming to an end, Baby Josiah was ready for another nap and big brother Evan was in toddler mode- still running around full of energy!Aptos Family Photography- Susannah Gill_0189Baby Josiah, it was a privilege to document your tiny little self full of newborn sweetness and your adorable family!!

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liza - June 25, 2014 - 11:11 am

Aw, love this! The interactions between mom + baby are my faves – they’re even making the same face :0). Love the way the light looks, too.

Paige - June 25, 2014 - 11:55 am

I love the mixed style in this post. Also, I LOVE that you focused on big brother too. It can hard for older siblings when the focus is 100% on the new baby. Very well done.

Annie - June 25, 2014 - 11:55 am

you can never beat real expressions and real interactions! :) Love this family session!

Ewa "Mom Photographer" - June 25, 2014 - 12:51 pm

Beautiful session. Love how natural it was. And The Big Brother’s smile is so playful! Great job!

Rachel - June 25, 2014 - 4:51 pm

Beautiful shots, Susannah! So much love in these pictures!

Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Sherriee & Sammy!

Santa Cruz Elopement Photography

Ready for some romance? Nothing quite as romantic as a Santa Cruz elopement! 2 weeks ago Sherriee and Sammy were planning a getaway trip to Santa Cruz for his birthday when Sammy announced that for his birthday he also wanted to marry Sherriee! Now there was much more to plan for than just packing up some flip flops and sunscreen! They went into overdrive buying a ring, a dress, and sorting out logistical things such as someone to marry them and someone to photograph it!  And then to figure out where!

Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement PhotographySherriee knew she wanted to get married near a lighthouse as lighthouses are something very dear to her heart as they remind her of her grandmother. They chose the Surf Museum Lighthouse at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz! Sherriee had told me over the phone that it would just be her and Sammy at the wedding. Sherriee has an 18 year old daughter but she was busy at school with finals. We had found our location for the ceremony on the beach when all of a sudden Sherriee said’ “Is that?!?!….OMG!!!!!”Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySherriee’s daughter and her best friend were walking towards Sherriee on the beach! Sherriee’s best friend pulled her daughter out of school and they followed them to the location of the wedding! SURPRISE! And what a beautiful one it was too! The minutes that followed were a combination of hugs, laughter and tears! (the good kind)
Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0130Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0131Whew! NOW it was time to start the wedding!Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0132The setting was just perfect, the air was warm, the breeze was gentle and these animal lovers didn’t mind at all the dogs running on the beach, the birds swooping through the air, the barking of the seals and later you will see, dolphins swimming by in the ocean! Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySherriee looks over to her daughter with so much love in her heart!Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0137Hands waiting for rings, so sweet!Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0169So grateful that Greg joined me for this wedding, who else would have quickly climbed up the cliffs and photographed the ceremony from afar! Thank you Greg for capturing this unique angle of the wedding ceremony!Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0140Sherriee and Sammy exchanged vows that they wrote themselves. They were tender, funny and extremly touching, a perfect touch to this intimate ceremony. Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0170Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0142Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0143The rings were exchanged and then after the official announcement KISS THE BRIDE!!!Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0144Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographyAnd then hug the bride!  These two are huggers- nothing better!!!Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0171Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement PhotographyWe took some time to take some family and some traditional bride and groom photographs! I think they are important for the family history books! I like a balance between old school and new school when it comes to wedding day portraits!Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0150Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0172The dolphins came to say congratulations!Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0152Sherriee made her beautiful bouquet!Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographyIt was now time to take the newlyweds away for a little bit to photograph their love and laughter, always such a fun part of a getting married!  They were troopers about the water, California waters are not exactly warm but the temps were in the 90s that day and after the initial shock of the water it was actually quite refreshing! Ha, says the one who was not standing in it!Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0155Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0156Between rounds of hysterical laughter there were these beautiful quite moments of connection.Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0160Neil Diamond’s “Love on the Rocks” was playing throughout my head and I even had a few out loud moments where I serenaded the newlyweds.  I’m sure that was a highlight of their day;)Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0161Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0162So cute!Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographySanta Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0158Santa Cruz Elopement Photography- Susannah Gill_0165Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographyCompliments of Sherriee’s daughter and a few doggy foot prints! Congratulations Sherriee and Sammy!  Keep laughing, loving and hugging- you two are awesome at it!Santa Cruz Elopement PhotographyOff in the distanced there was the Santa Cruz boardwalk- where these two were headed next- remember it was Sammy’s birthday too- it was time for a double celebration! Happy Birthday Sammy!


I would also like to mention Rev. Janet King who did such a wonderful job with the cermony!




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Donna - May 24, 2014 - 5:36 pm


The simplicity of these photos is beyond beautiful. The love really shines thru all the soothing pastel colors.
xo Donna

Natalie - May 29, 2014 - 2:42 pm

Simple weddings are the best! I love the extended portrait session on the beach. The one with him poking her on the nose is completely adorable!!!! Congrats Sherriee and Sammy!

Kim e - May 29, 2014 - 5:13 pm

What a beautiful elopement! Such sweetness that her daughter surprised them at the beach, such wonderful memories having that moment captured! And Greg is totally awesome with that shot, great
different perspective.

liza - May 30, 2014 - 4:25 pm

Such great, meaningful snippets of the day. I love the closeup photo of their arms folded – you have a great eye for these unique perspectives!

Laura - May 30, 2014 - 11:03 pm

I love elopements! You captured their raw emotion so perfect. :)

Nicole - June 2, 2014 - 2:46 pm

So sweet and beautiful! You captured the ceremony beautifully and I love all the portraits.

Andrea Garvey - June 14, 2014 - 7:13 am

I love how light and airy the photos feel – such a beautiful day.
Sherrie and Sammy are so in love and look so happy.
What amazing memories you captured!

Santa Cruz Elopement Photography!

Santa Cruz Elopement Photography!Santa Cruz Elopement

Weddings come in all forms and after photographing over 100 of them we know this for a fact! We also know from being a bride and groom ourselves 5 years ago that weddings are a ton of work!

So why not keep it simple? Why not keep it about the connection between the two people getting married? Nothing fancy, just love, an officiant and of course a photographer!

We had so much fun photographing this Santa Cruz elopement at the Lighthouse. These newlyweds laughed so much, not a worry in the world! Pure joy and happiness!


Stay tuned for their blog post coming soon!

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Alyse and Dan’s Roaring Campground Engagement Photography! (Redwood Loop too!)

Roaring Campground Engagement Photography!Roaring Campground Engagement Photography- Susannah Gill_0124


Alyse and Dan were pros at taking engagement pictures, in fact it was their 3rd session! These two are so lucky to have lots of photographers in their lives that want to capture their love and I do not blame them- photographing these two was so much fun! Roaring Campground Engagement Photography- Susannah Gill_0109We met at the historic Roaring Campground on a gorgeous day that was sunny with blue skies, yellow flowers and trees with bright green leaves- yeah, kind of perfect!Santa Cruz EngagementSanta Cruz EngagementSanta Cruz EngagementRoaring Campground Engagement Photography- Susannah Gill_0110A little balancing fun on the tracks!Roaring Camp Ground Engagement Photography- Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-1008-2Next we headed down the road just a bit to the Redwood Loop, a magical place where you are surrounded by trees 500 years old!Santa Cruz EngagementAgainst the advice of 2 passing by little girls, we quickly hopped the fence and used the roots of this fallen tree to sit on. We were all laughing nervously as the sound of over 500 year old and 200 feet tall trees swaying was a little unsettling! Imagine the creak of an old house but coming out of a HUGE tree!Roaring Campground Engagement Photography- Susannah Gill_0119Santa Cruz EngagementSanta Cruz EngagementThey made my job easy, very easy!Roaring Campground Engagement Photography- Susannah Gill_0122Santa Cruz EngagementRoaring Campground Engagement Photography- Susannah Gill_0123And to add to this session even more, Mama Nature was sending us down some incredible beams of light that perfectly highlighted these two in love! Alyse and Dan, we are so excited to photograph your wedding this summer at the Olympic Club in San Francisco!

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Natalie - May 21, 2014 - 10:19 am

I have a hard time nailing silhouettes for some reason so I am so in love with that bridge photo! You have such a great eye for the details, Susannah!

liza - May 27, 2014 - 6:39 pm

You did such a great job working with bright light in the forest. So tough sometimes, but you found awesome pockets of consistent light!

Nicole - May 28, 2014 - 7:42 am

What a great location! I love all the light coming through the trees.

Pat Coppe - May 28, 2014 - 9:33 pm

wonderful pictures….love the black and white pics…Of course, the photographer had good subjects to work with!! :-)