Elizabeth & Dan’s Bridgewaters Wedding!

After a week of the most unusually beautiful March weather that had all of NYC out and about and the birds confused, the rain icons that loomed over March 24th seemed like a cruel trick by Mother Nature. We watched all week and by Thursday decided to make plan B, the dreaded rain plan.  We did this with a heavy heart- kicking off the first wedding of the 2012 season in rain was not our idea of good luck!  Still Elizabeth and Dan had chosen the gorgeous Andaz Hotel in lower Manhattan to get ready and if there had to be a plan B, this was the place to have it! But don’t feel too sorry for all involved yet, keep reading to see what happened!

Even with her wedding day forecast looking like this, Elizabeth was all smiles and could honestly care less about the rain!  She was keeping her eye on the prize, marrying Dan- cooperating weather was an afterthought for Elizabeth!!

The bridal suite had show-stopping modern windows, a great place to showcase her stunning Pronovias gown.

This image was taken of Elizabeth with her mother and sister as she got dressed.  It was shot through a cool shower window!

This prayer book belonged to Elizabeth’s maternal Grandmother. Elizabeth opened the book and there was an image inside of when her Grandmother married her Grandfather on August 31, 1940 here in NYC.  I love when family heirlooms are added to wedding days to incorporate the family’s history.

Before Elizabeth left to meet Dan, her father arrived to see his stunning daughter!

A few floors down the handsome groom is all smiles!

I loved Dan’s boutonniere created by Kerri Silvestri of Allow Me Events!  Keep reading to see more remarkable work by this talented woman!

Dan does the finishing touches to get ready to meet Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Dan decided to have a first look since their wedding ceremony was not until after sunset. It’s always so exhilarating to do a first look. We made a plan and Greg and Dan got into position at the top of a beautiful staircase. Elizabeth and I were hiding down below.  Then with a few hand gestures between Greg and I, we set Elizabeth off to go see Dan. I love the look of pure joy as Elizabeth approaches Dan and the look on Dan’s face as he admires his bride!!

The handsome groom and the beautiful bride kissing at the top of a gorgeous modern staircase!  Perfect!

BUT nothing could be more perfect than one thing: the weatherman was WRONG!  The rain never came and even the sun was peaking out so we ditched the rain plan and joyously walked the 4 blocks from the hotel to the reception! Look at those smiles!!  They weren’t the only ones smiling- after a week of moaning about having our first 2012 wedding be a rainy one, this girl was smiling so hard that later my cheeks were hurting!!!

Ahhh, I love a good New York moment!

One of the highlights of walking to the reception venue was being able to take a picture on Yuyu Yang’s sculpture “East West Gate.”  It’s a fascinating sculpture made out of stainless steel.  Yuyu Yang was commission by the great I.M. Pei to create this piece.  Yang wanted his sculptures to have interactions with people and referred to his sculptures as “lifescapes”.  I think he would have appreciated this wedding portrait done on his lifescape!

Very little beats the look on little girls’ faces as they see a bride!

Cobblestones and a perfectly blossoming pear tree set the stage for Elizabeth and Dan! If it had rained this shot would not have happened.  If NYC had a late Spring this shot would not have happened.  This couple’s karma came together perfectly on their wedding day!

Elizabeth and Dan with their parents who are so sweet and kind!  I have never seen so much hugging in one day!  These 6 have such a beautiful love and appreciation for one another!

LOVE this wedding party!  All smiles and they also paid great attention- no hecklers here!  Thank you!!  But how do you get 12 adults to smile so sincerely???

Meet my crew!  How could you not smile at these hard workers!?

Well since child labor laws are pretty strict in the city it couldn’t be all work without some play!  The boys started off by showing me their tough guy poses.  After a few rounds of that I asked the boys if they wanted to take a sweet picture for their mother. As a mother of a baby boy, what happened next melted my heart!!  The older brother without any hesitation stopped being silly and guided his little brother into what he thought would be a “sweet” pose for their mother. I think they nailed it, don’t you agree?

Elizabeth’s bouquet was amazing!

Inside Bridgewaters, the family was gathered in a private area to sign the Ketubah, the marriage contract.

The parents look on with all smiles!

Officially married!!!

On the other side of Bridgewaters, a dramatic wedding scene awaited the guests to arrive.

The Huppa was made out branches of a cherry tree and the aisle was created using cylinder vases of different heights filled with floating candles and flowers.

Dan accompanied by his parents down the aisle.

Meanwhile Elizabeth and her parents wait for their turn allowing Greg a minute to capture her sensational train!

Look at that smile as she sees Dan!  Even a “first look” can’t take away from seeing each other at the start of the ceremony!

Elizabeth and Dan circle each other 7 times.

Rabbi Elliot Strom takes a second to have Elizabeth and Dan look back and soak in all the love and support there for them at this momentous occasion!

Elizabeth and Dan beam with happiness as the Rabbi tells their love story to the audience.  Once upon a time these two met online and decided to go on a date.  They also decided to leave it to just one date.  4 years later they were matched again by a computer but this time their stars were ready for them!  These two were destined to be together!

The Rabbi invites the parents to wrap Elizabeth and Dan with a Tallit, a prayer shawl, while the Rabbi blesses them.

Mazel Tov!!!

The ecstatic hugging parents!!!

Off to the cocktail hour where Elizabeth and Dan delighted their guests by serving Asian noodles and spring rolls amongst other favorites!

Let’s face it, very few people like to see the roaming photographers when they are at the cocktail hour eating- especially when the food was this delicious!  These 3 were such great sports though I had to add them to the post!

When it was time to enter the main room, the guests were in awe of the magnificently decorated tables and windows!

But it was nothing compared to Elizabeth and Dan as they entered the room rooted on by their family and friends!!!!

The Mr. & The Mrs. share their first dance.

And then the party starts!  There is NOTHING like the Hora to kick off a celebration!!!


Everybody joined in!!

Dan’s Uncle Sid said the blessing over the challah bread.

Both sets of parents thanked everyone for coming and said some beautiful remarks about their joy for Elizabeth and Dan!

Elizabeth’s Mom sang and brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes!

Elizabeth’s sister, the Matron of Honor had her own personal cheering committee for her toast!

The Best Man brought laughter to the room as he told stories of his childhood with Dan.

Elizabeth shares a dance with her father.

And Dan with his mother.

Elizabeth and Dan played it nice, no cake in the face here!

The Moms got a special treat when a cake was brought out for them to celebrate their birthdays!  

Now don’t go thinking this night was all touching toasts and sweet songs being sung- this wedding had one of the GREATEST bands we have ever heard and the guests danced like crazy!  They are called The Next Faze!

The handsome young man on the left, he had some moves!!!

Future wedding photographer?!

These two little ladies danced their little hearts out til….

…a table filled with Old Fashioned stick candy arrived!  Which also just happened to create a fun background to showcase Elizabeth and Dan’s wedding rings!

Elizabeth and Dan, it was such an honor for us to photograph your incredible wedding filled with love, laughter and a whole bunch of hugging!!!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!!

To see more photographs of this dynamic duo, check out their NYC engagement shoot here!


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