Lauren’s Wedding Shower at Valentino’s on the Green!

A gorgeous spring day and a blushing bride set the tone for this bridal shower full of love and laughter at Valentino’s on the Green!

The room was so beautifully decorated.  Upon second glance you noticed that the centerpieces were big fluffy towels folded so cleverly to look like a wedding cake!  What an amazing way to decorate a table for a wedding shower!  These were created by the talented people at The Wedding Company.

Bridesmaids bags as cute as these from Beau-coup are a sure way to thank your ladies!  For the guests, dainty little boxes held treasures all women love- miniature Essie nail polishes!!

After the guests mingled for a little bit, the room lit up as Lauren and her amazing smile and enthusiastic spirit arrived!  Big hugs for her Grandmother!

It’s not a shower without some games to get the group laughing!

Lauren’s Grandmother gave a toast from the heart that gave the whole room a lump in their throat.

Lauren’s Sister was overflowing with happiness for Lauren!  I love a good crier!

Lauren’s Aunt brought the room to tears of laughter as she recalled the story of that Christmas day long ago when Lauren and her Sister tested out their new Rollerblades!

Lauren’s soon to be Mother-In-Law warmed everyone’s heart as she recalled the story of first seeing Lauren on a bus.  She admired her good manners and striking beauty.  Time passed and she was more than ecstatic when one day her son Chris brought her home as his girlfriend!

Lauren’s future Sister-In-Law read out the questions and the answers to the games that had the whole room cracking up!

I just loved this antique dress form with a miniature wedding dress provided by The Wedding Company.

The beautiful Moms thoroughly enjoying this special day!

When you first meet Lauren and her family you are initially struck by the beauty of the woman, then by their kindness and intelligence and when you look down…their SHOES!!!!  This is my “3 generations of amazing strong women” portrait via their fabulous shoes!  From left to right: Lauren, her Grandmother, her Mother and her Sister!

Lauren will be happily cooking away in her kitchen with all her new and colorful cooking gear!

Lauren’s Mom spoke last to thank everyone for coming out and celebrating this joyous time in her daughter’s life.  Lauren, it is an honor to be on the journey with you and Chris to document this amazing time in your lives!  We greatly look forward to July, we just know that you will be a stunning bride!

  • Heather Dambmann

    Wonderful photos Susannah, I love the vibrant colors of the ribbons on the towels. I am in awe of Lauren’s Grandmother, she is one really stunningly good looking Grandma, I am jealous!!!! Looking forward to the wedding photos.ReplyCancel

  • Wow what a beautiful bridal shower! Not only is the decor super cute and all spring time 🙂 but the bride is gorgeous. You did a fab job Susannah! Love it all!ReplyCancel