Liza & Eric’s Wedding- Part 1

Liza and Eric might be one of the funnest couples ever!!! Sweet, good looking, thoughtful, cool, silly – their list of adjectives could go on and on!  To give you an idea of their awesomeness, when we met them for the first time, they got out of the car and gave us big smiles and ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!

Although this pair lives in San Francisco they had their wedding back East near their family and friends.  See, very thoughtful!

Their wedding day was gorgeous, the light was incredible!  The day was so fun and clever from start to finish that this blog post has to be done in two parts!

Liza and Eric with help from family and friends even created these helpful signs to aid guests navigating the country road and also created a  personal wedding logo for the luminaries!

The wedding took place at the Coolock House. Eric’s aunt is a Sister there and the two were granted permission to use this quaint little garden to have their ceremony. Liza also got ready here surrounded by the females of her clan including the adorable nieces in purple who were squealing with wedding day excitement!

I love the expressions on Liza as she crouches down to join her purple princesses in the fun of the wedding day. It must have been a living fairy tale to them, like right out of one of their bedtime stories!

Liza’s maternal grandmother gave her a ring to wear to represent “something old”.

Oh the female love!!  Girls getting ready are so much fun!

Eric chose to get ready at his parent’s house.  Here he is with his Mom sharing a laugh as they get ready- are they not adorable?

And this is how men get ready.

Liza and her crew were snuck out of the house and driven a very short way into the woods so they could make a dramatic entrance through the garden!  The plan was perfect!

I love these shots Greg took of this smiling happy family!  There is just so much joy as they head down to the woods to send Liza off to marry the love of her life!

As I mentioned above, Liza and Eric did not overlook a single opportunity to make those around them feel loved. Even in the moments before her big entrance, Liza took this time to gather both families and read them a poem that she and Eric wrote to express their love and gratitude towards them.

Liza’s Grandmother looking on, this picture melts my heart!

The sisters give their final prepping!

As Liza watches her family ascend the stairs to the ceremony she looks back and gives the camera a little love in the most adorable Liza kind of way!!

Liza makes her entrance.

Eric and Liza see each other for the first time in their wedding day glory!

The stage for this romantic ceremony was just perfect!

The glances, I love these!!

The two families look on, the smile on Eric’s sister’s face says it all!

Eric and Liza profess their love to each other.

Kiss the bride!!

Then lift her up and kiss her some more!!!!!

Pure joy and happiness!  Married!

Are these two not gorgeous and ooozing with love as they walk past their friends and family as husband and wife!?

Eric and Liza steal away back into the woods for some alone time, meanwhile…

Family and friends placed their rocks into vases.  Each person in attendance of the ceremony was given a rock and asked to hold it as they made a wish for Liza and Eric.

When I made it down into the woods to do some portraits of Liza and Eric, it was highly appropriate that these two fun-loving goofballs were hamming it up, dancing with their new wedding rings!!!

And just as appropriate, moments later they were back to that storybook romance…

And also just as appropriate, these two fitness gurus thought it would be funny to have Liza do some pull-ups in her wedding dress.  Did I mention it was once of the hottest days of the summer?

So after getting married, dancing, romancing in the woods, and some chin-ups, these two headed off to the reception full of smiles!

Stay tuned for part two- you won’t want to miss the incredibly meaningful details of their reception and one fantastic dance party!!!!

  • Eric

    Oh my god Susannah! I love the new site and am LOVING the wedding in review. I can’t believe that this was last year, it feels so fresh after looking that the pics again.

    Can’t wait to see you guys again, soon!


  • Maryam

    awesome photos as usual… wish we couldve had you do our wedding too!!! (but obviously wanted you to join the celebration lol)ReplyCancel