Santa Cruz Family Photography- Ingrid, Nathan & their boys!

Santa Cruz Family Photography at Seascape Beach Resort!

I’m fascinated by the children of people I know, such as my family or children of friends.  I love observing them and noticing the different characteristics of my friends appearing on these little humans! Maybe its physical characteristics, body language or personality, I think it is just incredible!

I was beyond thrilled when I was contacted by Ingrid, an old high school swimming buddy who just happened to marry one of my brother’s best friends from high school! It was so cool to learn how they met at their 10 year high school reunion, Go Spartans! I couldn’t wait to see Ingrid and Nathan again after 20 plus years and also to meet and photograph their beautiful children, Tai and Luc!

Dad and his boys!Mom and her boys!We saw this really cool sea-weathered log and had the boys go play on it! They also gave each other hugs and kisses which brought all the grownups to a chorus of “Awwwww.”Now that we had some family photographs behind us it was time to play!  Luc became fascinated with some sea reeds and played with them til the end!  It was so much fun to watch him go into an imaginary world and play with such passion!Luc and his family had a lot to be celebrating as Luc after battling cancer for 4 of his 5 years of life is finally cancer FREE!!!!Happy parents!

This picture fills me with so much happiness. Tai loved the ocean, he was fascinated by it and played with it like a good friend. I love how his feet are not even touching the ground here!!I told Ingrid my love of photographing feet and she happily told me how she hates feet!  I’m assuming she didn’t mean these adorable little sandy toes!  As a joke she even gave Jax a Dr. Seuss foot book!Little hands though can melt any heart!Teamwork!And more teamwork! As the sun slowly started to descend, leaving us in the glory of an incredible sunset, we took advantage of taking some fun silhouette photographs! Luc cracked us up with his Zombie walk and Tai did some incredible karate kicks!

The evening ended on an impressive family leap!

I am SUPER excited to also share a film that Greg made during the session as well!

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